Amazing NFTs from outer space waiting for you: MGH announcing a partnership with NFT artist Ashilraj

Written by Robin Prock

Picture it:

You are an astronaut… slowly drifting through space while a rope chains you to your spaceship. Before you shimmers the colorful infinity — plasma clouds bathed in lava red, moons peering out at you like the antennae of a snail, and cold asteroids gathering dust like gems in a showcase. What do you feel as you stare through the glass of your helmet into the immensity?

Fear, horror, dismay… or awe, beauty and humility?

I feel the immeasurable beauty as I gaze upon Ashilraj’s NFT:

Floating to the moon

Is there a better way to describe the incomprehensible space than the tiny astronaut lying like a child in the cold hands of the universe?

Beautiful and humbling…

This image is one of the NFTs Ashilraj created for Metaverse Game Hub (MGH) — and we are incredibly proud to announce this partnership now.

Read on to learn who Ashilraj is, how the NFTs benefit you as a member of the community — yes, with a little luck you’ll have one in your hands… or in your wallet — and of course I’ll show you more pictures of Ashil… I can’t keep them from you.

The artist of the NFTs: Ashilraj

Why NFTs?

Depending on whom you ask, you’ll get a thousand answers — be it from investors, artists, traders, collectors….

But the Indian artist Ashilraj had a particular answer that I didn’t expect:

NFTs have brought digital art to the masses.

Before, people (especially the art community) looked at digital art like a 5-star chef looks at his kitchen when a mouse crawls between his feet… now they say: “Wow, this is awesome!”

This excites Ashil; NFTs have made people appreciate digital art — thus, Ashil’s incredible art. He started painting as a school kid, first sketches in black and white, no colors; then came college, coding, and his education as a developer…

…but art didn’t let him go; he learned to work with colors from scratch (color theory is hard as hell!) and has been a digital artist for a year now.

Only one year, that’s incredible.

Because his images are colorful, startling, awe-inspiring, mystical, magical, enigmatic, inspiring, dazzling, rapturous, imaginative, mind-bending, in short:


Like everything that ventures into the unknown.

And that is also Ashil’s goal:

We don’t know what lies dormant beyond the stars — a space rover can’t show us, no observatory can, and neither can Christopher Nolan with Interstellar. We know almost nothing… that’s why we dream and fill the vastness with our dream figures as if the universe were a dream catcher.

What buzzes, slumbers, breathes, and lives in space now? This is the question, Ashil asks himself — and his pictures give you his answer.

Below, I’ll show you three more of his pictures; if you want to admire more of his incredible work (and not only pictures from outer space), follow him here on Instagram.

But what will MGH do with the NFTs, and how will you benefit?

How MGH will use the NFTs for its community

We have big things in store for you… Ashilraj is the first outstanding artist to put his ideas on pixels for us. Over the weeks and months, we plan to form partnerships with many artists to be a gallery for exceptional NFTs….

…NFTs to entertain you, to inspire you and of course to give you gifts.

Because with them, we will reward you if you actively participate in our community, fulfill tasks, take part in raffles… show your personality in MGH. How about having such an astronaut from above floating in your Wallet too? — Isn’t that amazing?

For example, we have distributed some NFTs to three lucky winners who bought MGH tokens in the Early Membership Pools.

That we will do with some of the NFTs…

the others we will auction on OpenSea, so that many people will discover them, and they will get the attention they deserve.

Learn more about MGH here and visit us on our website:

But now, you’ve probably been waiting for this, I’m going to show you three more artworks by Ashil:

(He created ten in total for us).

3 impressive artworks from Ashilraj… do you feel the breath of the universe?

Swimming in Space

Black, blue and an ominous poisonous green in the background, peeking around the corner like a masked face. The background is mystical…

…but in the foreground floats a jellyfish — the calm and bright point that dampens the menace and touches the eye. Its light illuminates the darkness…but as it floats on, its light too will go out like smoke rising from a cigarette and blurring in the summer breeze.

This NFT shows the shy beauty of light and darkness in space — the beauty that attracts us and makes us shiver at the same time.

The Immersion of Light

This image reminds me of a stanza in the poem “The drunken boat” from Arthur Rimbaud:

Now I, a little lost boat, in swirling debris,

Tossed by the storm into the birdless upper air

All the Hansa Merchants and Monitors

Could not fish up my body drunk with the sea;

Source: Poemhunter

It is the opposite of the astronaut from above — no rope protects him, he floats freely, nothing reaches out to pull him back. He is lost like the drunken boat in the poem.

Perhaps he feels fear… or wonder at the purple clouds that surround him?Who knows?

And then in the center, that white rectangular light. Perhaps a portal from whence he came? Can he reach it again?

The image is a beautiful mystery.

The Planet with a Spear thorugh its Heart

The last image shows the eerily beautiful destructiveness of the universe: A dying star is a feast for the eye, a colorful funeral — yet it dies.

Here an arrow of light pierces a planet and in the background shooting stars or meteors fall like bombs into the distance…

…at least I see it in such a way.

You can see something different, find a different meaning, feel different feelings; and that’s how good (NFT) art is supposed to be.

To say it with Oscar Wilde:

It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

What does the mirror show YOU?



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