Big news coming: MGH is partnering with the AI expert Intelligent Trading Machines to develop a unique NFT price oracle!

Written by Robin Prock

Algorithms are better people.

Better than probation officers, study counselors or couple therapists, they predict which criminal will go back to jail, what grades freshmen will have or whether a marriage will fail or not.

(Formula for the latter, by the way, is: frequency of sexual intercourse — frequency of quarrels. You don’t want a negative result — just as an aside).

Likewise, algorithms are the machete that cut a safe path through the thicket of NFT prices.

Because data is scarce, the market is sometimes depressed, sometimes exuberant; and private investors rely mostly on hope — hope their NFT will increase in value.

That’s why MetaGameHub (MGH) is proud to partner with Intelligent Trading Machines (ITRM)

…an innovative AI company that is programming a unique algorithm for us (and especially for you!) that acts as an oracle to evaluate NFT prices more fairly and objectively.

Firstly, the oracle will be used to start acquiring LAND in the Sandbox for a fair or even undervalued price — later on other NFTs will follow.

ITRM puts the machete through the thicket of NFT prices in our hands, and we pass it on to you… but more about that now:

Intelligent Trading Machines (ITRM): A sophisticated algorithm for your NFTs

How do you evaluate your NFTs?

Let me guess: You see the price you paid and HOPE someone else will pay more.

Except hope isn’t much of an investment guide — just look at internet stocks around 2000 like or Remember them, right?

That’s why MGH wants to offer you an algorithm that objectively evaluates your NFT and gives you a fair price when you stake your NFT with us … and ITRM will develop it!

ITRM is an AI company for algorithmic trading, among other things.

Asset managers and trading desks, for example, use it to achieve better returns, happier customers and outstanding long-term performance.

ITRM also works in:

  • Machine Learning: ITRM develops neural networks to forecast prices, predict sales or identify customer characteristics.
  • Natural Language Processing: Classifying texts, semantic analysis and checking for tonality and emotion.
  • Data Bases and IT infrastructure
  • Data Mining: Evaluate data, so you can make sensible and correct decisions.

But how will the oracle work?

It will search, rummage and browse stock exchanges, markets, databases and social media to retrieve old price data and market sentiments….

…and it will translate this data into a transparent price — a fair price for you and your NFT.

Live Data Acquisition

You can visit ITRM here:

But how will MGH use the algorithm to give you a more transparent price for your NFT?

Feature Selection and Prediction

How you can profit from ITRMs NFT price oracle

MGH will give you the opportunity to stake your NFTs (at first only virtual land) so that you earn a network rewards passively with them…

…so they don’t loiter uselessly in your wallet, but roll up their sleeves and work for you. But, before you can stake your NFT, it needs a price tag.

After all, you don’t buy a car just because the salesman leans on the hood, pulls up the corner of his mouth with a smile, and hands you the keys.

You want information — so you make a safer decision. Now the algorithm comes into play:

It checks previous prices, evaluates the market sentiment, metaverse data and gives your NFT a price tag… and now it’s up to you:

“The Choice is yours. You decide!”

Will you accept the price or not?

If so, the NFT goes into the pool and works for you; if not, you can decline the offer. So the oracle gives you a double benefit:

You have a more objective measure of what your NFT is worth, and you can finally stake it.

Sounds good? If yes, find out more and check our website:



MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse

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MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse