Bringing Valuable LAND Valuation Data from Decentraland and Axie Infinity to the Ocean Marketplace

3 min readJun 2, 2022

By Camilo Echeverri

The MGH DAO is thrilled to announce that pricing data for Decentraland and Axie Infinity LANDs is now available on the Ocean marketplace, expanding the scope of the biggest metaverse valuations dataset in the Web3 space and making a further step towards data decentralization.

Today, data is the world’s most important commodity and big corporations know it. That is why the majority of the (user-) generated data is siloed, excluding many people from accessing it. By doing this, corporations such as Meta or Google are able to analyze the data and better understand their users behavior. Making this data publicly available, would allow other companies and individuals to leverage and monetize it accordingly in a more inclusive way.

This is why the Ocean marketplace is so important for the current data economy. The protocol allows companies, dApps and individuals to purchase data in a decentralized, permissionless and transparent way. The marketplace was conceived based on the concept of liquidity pools. Datasets are uploaded as data tokens, which can be bought and sold in their respective data pools. When holding data tokens in a wallet, the user has access control to the embedded datasets. Datatokens are the heart of Ocean V3, as they radically simplify the user interaction for data sharing, while leveraging existing Web3 mental models for custody, wallets, liquidity, staking and farming.

The protocol is currently undergoing a major upgrade (Ocean V4) to improve scalability, allowing new ways of data monetization, giving hereby more flexibility to the marketplace operators and onboarding third party providers that will supply computing power. Ocean V4 has a brand new approach to intellectual property by differentiating the base intellectual property to the licenses against that base IP. This is done through the introduction of data NFTs. The base IP will be stored on an ERC-721 NFT and the licenses against it will be stored on regular ERC-20 tokens, increasing the flexibility, interoperability, and transferability of IP.

Together with Ocean, we believe in the vision of Open Data — that everyone can access data, as long as it doesn’t contain private information, transparently in a decentralized and permissionless way. Not just Google, Meta or other centralized entities. This is why the MGH DAO strives to expand its LAND valuation datasets to make them as holistic and inclusive as possible. The new update to the dataset is the addition of Axie Infinity LANDs. The dataset contains valuations for multiple LAND types:

  1. Savannah
  2. Forest
  3. Arctic
  4. Mystic
  5. Genesis

The metaverse LAND dataset consists of two categories:

  • Aggregated data retrieved from Axie Infitnity, The Sandbox and Decentraland marketplaces, as well as NFT marketplaces, Etherscan and the Ronin Blockchain Explorer.
  • Processed data from a machine learning algorithm.

The dataset is split into two tabs:

  • LAND Valuation: Get individual data for each token ID — for example, forecasted price, listing price, daily price variation, price manipulation index, etc.
  • Global Stats: Get data on the entire LAND collection such as floor price, market cap, trading volume, highest sale, etc.

You can access a sample dataset here.

The Metaverse LAND dataset has the biggest compilation of metaverse valuations in the market and it will continue to grow along with the intriguing and disruptive metaverse industry. The MGH DAO is metaverse agnostic and wants to provide all the necessary tools for users to have a seamless open metaverse experience. Eventually, the data being generated will help reduce the asymmetries and inefficiencies of the NFT market and allow new disruptive ways to monetize NFTs.

About MetaGameHub DAO

MGH DAO is the first leading hub for Open Metaverse Experiences, managing metaverse assets, as well as developing metaverse infrastructure and tools. MetaGameHub was created following the premise: Navigating the metaverse together. The DAO focuses on collaborative LAND acquiral and governance, metaverse development and intuitive metaverse dapps such as an NFT price estimation algorithm, a metaverse development SDK, an innovative LAND flipping bot and other MetaFi tools.

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