Decentraland Roadmap 2022: These Are the Most Important Updates

Quick Recap: What is Decentraland?

Picture from the Decentraland Roadmap 2022
Caption: Screenshot from the Decentraland Blog.

2. What are the problems Decentraland still has to tackle?

When you enter Decentraland for the first time, you’re nearly “awestruck”: so much creativity! Behold, a robot spider! Wow, a massive amusement park!

  • Long loading times: Sometimes you wait minutes when teleporting from place to place. Imagine you’re Captain Kirk from Star Trek, and you’re stuck in mid-air for several minutes when Scotty beams you up.
  • Multiple Bugs: Especially when you’re “around people”, you’ll see some avatars floating in the air or getting stuck.
  • Buildings don’t appear until you stand in front of them — and even then, they take a while to load brick by brick.
  • Ghosttown: Remember the movie “I am Legend,” where Will Smith walks alone through the deserted New York City? Yep, that’s how you often experience Decentraland — a huge world, no one around, and the gut sense that a horde of zombies is about to run after you (at least that’s how I feel).
  • Bumpy moderation: Due to the DAO structure, it is sometimes difficult to stop bad behavior — each time you need a proposal and enough people to vote for it. For example, one proposal wanted to stop the name “Hitler”, and many agreed … but the proposal didn’t reach enough votes to pass.

3. Decentraland roadmap 2022 — These are the most important changes

How does Decentraland plan to solve these problems? That’s what the team revealed in their 2022 Manifesto. Here are the most important updates:

  • A desktop client for Mac, Linux, and Windows is supposed to wipe out the bugs and transform the game into a smooth experience. Included is a “launcher”, which automatically updates the buildings. So, you no longer stand in front of a roller coaster that has to load first (at least, that’s how I interpreted the “launcher”).
  • A mobile app is coming so you can enter Decentraland on the subway, on a park bench, in a coffee shop with a tap of your finger.
  • In the second half of the year, a VR client should let you dive even deeper into Decentraland…
  • In the Decentraland Roadmap 2022, “smart wearables” are intended — jetpacks, laser swords, a boombox to drive your neighbors crazy… so you should be able to play “on the street” too, not just in certain experiences.
  • You can put the head of your Bored Apes, Cool Cats, or other NFTs as wearables on your avatar. Imagine NFT Twitter profile pictures … only in motion and with emotions.
  • To capture even more players, Decentraland has several festivals planned — such as a two-year birthday surprise in February and a four-day fashion week in March.
  • Finally, Decentraland wants to soften the barrier between proposal and implementation. The decisions of the community — like the ten commandments — should be quickly perpetuated in code…

4. How MGH will contribute a new scene editor to Decentraland

  • The Builder is a wonderful tool that lets anyone drag-and-drop objects to create their own world. Do you want a fantasy forest where the player gets lost? No problem: you pick a few trees and put them on the land. However, the Builder doesn’t allow complex games. Furthermore, you depend on what the game mechanics of your trees allow. Therefore…
  • … you can code your world via the Decentraland SDK. Do you want your trees to loop when the player touches them? Perpetuate it in the code with the SDK. However, there are limits here as well…

Conclusion: The Decentraland Roadmap 2022

We’re early as hell!

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