Earn Additional Rewards from the Metaverse! — MGH Staking Is Live with Lavish Rewards

5 min readDec 1, 2021


written by Robin Prock

Working virtually, attending every concert in the world, a digital Facebook founder on a surfboard….

…Marc Zuckerberg announced a lot when he introduced Meta on Connect.

What he didn’t announce, however, is something that only a DECENTRALIZED Metaverse can dish out: generous Network Rewards via staking.

Where do you get them?

Glad you asked; because MGH’s (MetaGameHub) staking is now officially live. Find out everything you need to know:

What Is $MGH Staking?

Staking is a big thank you to our community — for supporting us, retweeting us, diligently asking questions….

…and of course, we will not leave you empty-handed:

Our staking program will be split between Polygon and Ethereum.

Polygon Staking:

Staking on Polygon will be unbonded, meaning that neither the stake nor the rewards will be locked. We like to call this flexible staking. This program will go for one year and it will start on December 1st at 23:00 CET.

In the beginning, there will be an allocation of 300.000 $mMGH tokens per month for all mMGH stakers, which can be adjusted by a governance proposal. The APR will depend on how many tokens are staked in the pool.

The MGH rewards on Polygon will accumulate by the second, considering that at least one block is mined.

In terms of security, the contract is based on the battle-tested Synthetix Staking rewards contract. Here is a link to the MGH staking repository.

How Can You Stake $MGH on Polygon?

  1. Go to https://app.metagamehub.io/stake
  2. Click on bridge and follow the instructions to port your tokens to the Polygon network or buy MGH tokens directly on Polygon (Quickswap coming soon). Keep in mind that you will be able to bridge back to the Ethereum network anytime.
  3. Click approve and confirm in MetaMask to grant the staking pool access to your mMGH (= Matic MGH, the Polygon version of the MGH token)
  4. Click on stake and confirm in MetaMask to stake your mMGH.
  5. Claim your rewards, compound, stake more tokens or withdraw at any time. (You will be able to claim your rewards directly after you start staking)

Staking on Ethereum

Ethereum staking will be bonded. We will offer five different staking pools that will have a staking period of 3,6,12,18 and 24 months respectively.

The APR will be guaranteed for each pool and increase the longer the tokens are staked. The APR on Ethereum with bonded staking will be higher than the average you get on Polygon. Details on the bonded staking pools will be released on December 8th.

The committed tokens will be locked during the staking period so you will not be able to withdraw them until the pool has reached maturity.

After maturity, you will be able to withdraw your stake together with the rewards or leave them in for the next round.

Staking on Ethereum will be available on the 15th of December. Make sure to follow our Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels to stay updated.

Keep in mind that, for now, staking serves to stabilize our network and as an incentive for our community. Once our first NFT pool goes live in Q1 2022, you will be able to stake $MGH to earn additional rewards with your NFTs (initially Metaverse LANDs) and mint NPTs.

What Is the $MGH token?

The $MGH token is an ERC-20 token with three intriguing use cases:

  1. Staking: Once the first NFT pool goes live, you will need to stake $MGH tokens to add your NFT to the pool. Only then can you earn passive income with your NFT.
  2. Data Token: On Polygon, you can exchange the $mMGH token for the $MGH Data Token on the Ocean Marketplace. With the Data Tokens, you can access NFT data sets immediately. Meaning? You get current NFT prices and fair valuations, for example, to build a lending protocol for NFT, to develop a rousing NFT game or simply get key insights to find undervalued LADs
  3. Utility Token: MGH will serve as the fuel for the DAOs ecosystem, participating in key governance decisions about metaverse curation and development, protocol changes and NFT pool staking parameters.

Raffle: Win One of Our Coveted Meta NFTs Every Day!

Remember the magical anticipation when you were a kid? The decorated living room with candles, tinsel, and Christmas tree? The 24 doors of the advent calendar until Christmas?

Every day you got up — your parents didn’t even have to wake you up — and walked to your advent calendar….

…every day a new door, every day a surprise, and every day the inquiring look, what will be hidden behind the door tomorrow.

(Or, like me, you just surreptitiously opened all the doors and then pushed them back shut hastily)

MGH is bringing that special, warm Christmas feeling to the Metaverse this year. Because every day — from the 1st of December until the 24th — we open a virtual advent door and pour out a Meta NFT to a random staker.

So all you have to do is stake, and you’re in. And such a Meta NFT is another door to many bonuses that await you in the future with MGH:

  • Priority access to events we host/organize in the metaverse.
  • Special access to MGH curated games and experiences.
  • Access to exclusive features provided and curated for the community through partnerships and collaborations.
  • Much, much more…

Much better than a piece of milk chocolate, isn’t it?

If you still have questions about Staking, we’d be happy to answer them. Write us on the following social media channels:

How Can You Stay up to Date and Keep in Touch with MGH?

About MetaGameHub DAO

The MGH DAO strives to foster the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, and AI by combining utility, governance, and data within one holistic ecosystem. Through collaborative curation and fair pricing of NFTs, MGH is bringing more transparency and accessibility to the market by providing critical NFT infrastructure and creating a new layer of digital native value.

In short: MetaGameHub DAO is the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, oracles, and AI-supported valuation tools.




MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse