Have You Already Seen the New LAND of MGH? — Here’s Everything You Need to Know:

“Good neighbors are a real treasure.”

What Is Virtual Land?

How Did We Find Undervalued Land?

“Finding a needle in a haystack.”

How the Community Chose the Land

“This voting mechanism is used to measure the intensity of people’s preferences in collective decisions. Participants can allocate their total voting power in the different lands but the “cost” of allocating more than one vote for a specific land is quadratic and not linear.

The Quadratic Voting formula is: Cost to the voter = (number of votes)²

Example: If you want to allocate one vote to land 1 it will cost you 1 vote. However, if you want to allocate 2 votes, it will cost you 4 votes from your voting power. Allocating 3 votes to a single land will cost you 9, 4 will cost you 16 and so on.“

Which Fertile Land Did We Choose?

As I said: We are not kings who cultivate their land by the grace of God with a royal decree. No, we are a community project.

About MGH

How can you stay up to date and keep in touch with MGH?



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