How MGH Evaluates Your LAND — in 7 Easy Steps to a Fair Valuation

That’s How MGH’s Algorithm Evaluates LANDs

Don’t get intimidated by the following numbers :)!

  1. Go to and enter the following data in the search field: either the token ID (you can find it on OpenSea) or the coordinates. (Note: Currently we can only evaluate LAND that has already been traded. However, we are working like ancient Egyptian workers on the Pyramid of Cheops to record every LAND on OpenSea).
  2. Now we extract the historical data to calculate the daily median prices. That’s what our Neural Network does. What’s that?
  3. Those are nodes that mimic the human brain. They recognize patterns and learn — like Google’s search algorithm. The Neural Network now predicts a price and sends it to the API. But that’s far from it…
  4. After all, you have neighbors — either businesses, malls, games, etc. that attract visitors; or a digital offshoot of the Gobi Desert (not so good). They too are evaluated by the same game: Check database, extract historical data, and adjust it to daily median prices. Only a twist is added:
  5. Has the LAND been sold before or not? All this information is combined and again sent to a trained Neural Network. This in turn predicts a price …
  6. …and sends it to the API. The prediction is restored with respect to the daily median prices and is then returned by the API. Finally…
  7. Finally, the valuation is parsed to other cryptos using CoinGecko and you get your fair and transparent valuation:

No problem:

We calculate the daily average price of your LAND and that of your neighborhood. From this, the Neural Network predicts a valuation. It’s constantly learning and getting better — like a human brain that gathers more knowledge every day.

  • Every hour a script extracts all new transactions and checks them for relevant data.
  • We then collect LAND’s details from OpenSea and store the combined data in our database.
  • Our API notices this. If new data is available, it updates the internal variables of our algorithm.

A Fair Price for your LAND: Why You Should Care

The famous investor Benjamin Graham once told a bizarre story:

How Can You Stay up to Date and Keep in Touch with MGH?

About MGH

MGH is an Ethereum-based protocol allowing its users a.) to mint NPTs to gain exposure to the whole NFT space, b.) stake their NFTs to make a passive income, and c.) get a fair price for their NFT via the MGH price oracle.



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