How MGH Is Venturing into XONE — a New Mobile-First AR Metaverse

1. How XONE is building the first AR Metaverse

How do you experience social media today? Via 2D profiles that you listlessly scroll through. You only swim on the surface and never really dive in.

2. What are XONEs?

XONEs are the “LAND” in the XONE Metaverse. They are 10,000 unique 3D spaces that belong to one of the following categories — Cloud, Underwater, Desert, and Jungle

3. How MGH is expanding into XONE

AR is the next step in making the Metaverse more accessible. Therefore, it is the logical step for MGH to invest in the first AR Metaverse.

  • 54 Jungle
  • 27 Cloud
  • 27 Desert
  • 26 Underwater

4. Why does MGH invest in XONE?

The goal of MGH is “Navigating through the open Metaverse together.” But the Metaverse is not just one all-encompassing virtual world like the “Oasis” in Ready Player One — it’s diverse Metaverses with dedicated communities.

How Can You Stay up to Date and Keep in Touch with MGH?

About MGH

At MGH we bring together DeFi, Data, and the Metaverse by following one core principle: “Navigating through the Open Metaverse together”. We accomplish this in four clearly defined steps:

  • DAO Governed LANDs: MGH DAO collaboratively acquires, populates, and monetizes LANDs and respective in-game assets.
  • Valuation Algorithm: Our Valuation Algorithm allows fair pricing for LANDs and will be gradually adopted to more Metaverse Assets.
  • Dataverse Tools: MGH DAO is developing intuitive data tools which can be leveraged by users and ecosystems alike.
  • Intuitive Metaverse d’Apps: Use MGH DAO’s tools to navigate through the Metaverse and leverage MetaFi.



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