How Much Is Your LAND from the Sandbox Really Worth? — Find out Now with the Free Tool from MGH!

5 min readNov 1, 2021


Written by Robin Prock

It’s frustrating!

You buy LAND — e .g. in The Sandbox — but you don’t know what it’s really worth. Of course, you have hope — hope that the price will go up afterward. Plus, FOMO — did I still get in on time? And emotions — anger, panic, euphoria as prices spin like a weather vane.

But as of today, that’s over. Because the new, free valuation algorithm from MGH, reveals you an estimated fair value of Sandbox LANDs. Just in time for Halloween — as a treat without the trick.

How does it work? What do you have to do?

Find out now:

MGH’s New Valuation Tool — Turning Guessing into Numbers

MGH’s mission is to open the door of the NFT market for everyone — no matter how deep the wallet is filled. And to do it simply, fairly and in a way, that’s easy to understand.

The first step of doing that is to fairly value your NFT:

Approximately how much is it worth? Did I pay too much for it? How high could I sell it for?

That’s what MGH’s AI-driven pricing algorithm calculates.

  • It analyzes the trading data of the last days and weeks.
  • Like a detective, it scours exchanges and databases,
  • Like the neighborhood watch, it checks out the neighbors — is the land next to brands, exchanges, big estates… or secluded in no man’s land?
  • And the more data you feed it, the more it learns.

From that, it calculates an estimated fair value, which you can easily access starting today…

How Do You Get a Fair Price For Sandbox LAND?

Don’t worry, the tool is free — you don’t even have to pay gas fees. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the valuation tool on our website.
  • Enter the token ID (you get it on OpenSea under “Details”) of your LAND in the interface below (or type in the coordinates)
  • Get a fair value in Ether, $SAND, and USD.
  • That’s it.
MetaGameHub DAO’s Sandbox LAND Valuation Interface

The valuation interface will be available on the 1st of November.

But why should you care about how much your LAND is worth? Can’t you just buy and hold and wait?

Why Should You Care About the Algorithm?

In the end, investing revolves around money like the earth revolves around the sun.

Of course, we want to create the metaverse. Of course, we want to be independent of data-guzzling companies. And of course, the values of freedom and decentralization are at the top…

…nevertheless: No investor wants his portfolio to be in the red as the national budget of the USA.

But how does this happen? When emotions take over the cockpit and fly the plane into the mountain. Hype and FOMO steer you — no rational decision.

Everyone wants to be in on the next big thing; missing out is more painful than an appendectomy without general anesthesia. The solution?

Clear guidance: like ratios when investing in stocks, like on-chain analytics for cryptocurrencies. The AI algorithm gives you a roadmap and clarity. It takes the feelings and swaps them out with bare numbers. And MGH itself has taken advantage of that, too.

How MGH Tested the AI-Algorithm Itself

MGH used and tested the algorithm itself to find some parcels of undervalued land. Let’s describe the process:

The AI algorithm found several undervalued parcels, which we then examined. Then we decided on suitable candidates and presented them to the community. They were asked to vote on them — and anyone holding MGH tokens can participate in voting on Snapshot.

These were the results:

(MGH’s LANDs are the orange squares).

  • LAND (-154, -178): it’s right next to Binance, the largest crypto exchange… so we’re guaranteed visitors and attention.
  • LAND (117, -28): This land is next to Atari, one of the biggest game developers and creators of nostalgic childhood memories — like Pong or Space Invaders.
  • LAND (136, 4): This land is like in the villa district of Beverly Hills — in the area are Tesla, Pong, FTX… and also the Pope is not far away. Maybe he’ll drop by in his Mercedes-Benz G 500 one day. Who knows.

May the algorithm help you as much as it has helped MGH!

How Can you Stay up to Date and Keep in Touch with MGH?

About MGH

MGH is an Ethereum-based protocol allowing its users a.) to mint NPTs to gain exposure to the whole NFT space, b.) stake their NFTs to make a passive income, and c.) get a fair price for their NFT via the MGH price oracle.

With these three use cases, MGH makes the whole NFT space more transparent (fairer prices), accessible for investors with smaller pockets (via NPTs), and combines DeFi and NFTs via staking NFTs to make a passive income.

In short: MetaGameHub DAO is the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, oracles, and AI-supported valuation tools.




MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse