How to access the Open Metaverse

The “true” Open Metaverse

Thanks to years of technological innovation and the development of virtual and augmented reality the growth of interactive and immersive virtual worlds has accelerated. Not only virtual worlds, where users can experience a broad range of digital activities, are part of a metaverse, but also a virtual economic system.

How to get access now

As the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages, it is not yet possible to experience it fully unfolded. But because we have just seen a glimpse of what is possible and with fast moving technology, it remains unclear what a fully developed metaverse experience will look like.

How to get access in the future

As mentioned, we are still at an extremely early stage of metaverse development so it is still unclear what is possible and when. Companies like Meta, Microsoft or Sony are pushing VR headsets to be the primary choice to access the metaverse.

Enter the metaverse through MGH

If you want to experience the Open Metaverse right now and be part of a community that governs and monetise its metaverse assets, the MetaGameHub DAO is the right choice for you.



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MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse