How to access the Open Metaverse

5 min readJul 25, 2022


Written by Javan Sardarabady

The metaverse is the next big tech paradigm shift and the next evolution of the digital economy. More and more people are spending their time in virtual worlds — a place where they meet friends, enjoy games, work, socialize, go shopping or even attend concerts. In 2022 alone, the total amount spent on virtual lands in all metaverses was above $700 million (!).

The metaverse, while still in the beginning of development, has attracted huge attention not only from investors but also from the wider public. Although it is a trending topic and the word has been spreaded around the globe, not everyone understands the concept yet alone how to use or even enter the metaverse.

If this applies to you, then this is the right article to read. We’ll talk about the “true” Open Metaverse, how you can access it right now and how it will change in the future. Besides that, you’ll learn how to be part of the metaverse through the MetaGameHub DAO.

The “true” Open Metaverse

Thanks to years of technological innovation and the development of virtual and augmented reality the growth of interactive and immersive virtual worlds has accelerated. Not only virtual worlds, where users can experience a broad range of digital activities, are part of a metaverse, but also a virtual economic system.

Due to the adoption and upbringing of blockchain technology and NFTs, the concept of the metaverse is reaching a new dimension. The technology allows users to securely own and monetize digital assets in the virtual space, providing a functioning virtual economy that can shape the future of the financial world.

By leveraging blockchain technology and open-source codes, the Open Metaverse is decentralized and community driven, contrary to the concept Big Tech companies are pursuing e.g., Meta. So, do not mistake a centralized metaverse with the open metaverse.

There are already several metaverses built on the blockchain that you can access right now. With gaming being the sector where metaverse adoption is the furthest, you’ll mostly find metaverses with gaming background and environment.

Metaverses like the Sandbox or Decentraland are exciting projects where users can build, own and monetize digital assets and their gaming experience.

How to get access now

As the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages, it is not yet possible to experience it fully unfolded. But because we have just seen a glimpse of what is possible and with fast moving technology, it remains unclear what a fully developed metaverse experience will look like.

For now there are two must-haves to access the Open Metaverse. Your smartphone or computer is already sufficient to enter the metaverse. To experience the metaverse fully and to be part of its virtual economy you also need a non-custodial crypto wallet. This is essential to access your digital assets on the blockchain, do transactions and interact with Smart Contracts.

The usage of a VR headset is not necessary, rather the opposite as most of the existing metaverses do not support VR functionalities. At the moment it is definitely more reasonable (and therefore cheaper) to enter the metaverse from your computer. Popular existing metaverses like Decentraland or Axie Infinity can be easily accessed in no time, so do not hesitate to try it out.

How to get access in the future

As mentioned, we are still at an extremely early stage of metaverse development so it is still unclear what is possible and when. Companies like Meta, Microsoft or Sony are pushing VR headsets to be the primary choice to access the metaverse.

One can expect that in the next few years the metaverse experience will increasingly be accessed through virtual reality devices. That is indeed useful for an immersive metaverse and unique virtual environment but as VR only creates a fictional virtual reality, a separation between the digital and our physical world is made. In contrast to this, AR connects both worlds. With AR technology users are able to see the actual environment with virtual elements added. While VR replaces the physical world, AR extends it.

What should not be forgotten in this context is that the Open Metaverse aims to be decentralized, transparent and governed by its community. So the danger is by relying on big tech companies and their provided VR/AR devices that they have the power over their users and ecosystem. This stands in extreme contrast to the genuine concept of the Open Metaverse.

In the long run, the access to the metaverse could involve brain-computer interfaces (BCI). A technology that makes direct communication between a human and a machine possible by analyzing and translating signals from the brain to the device. Although it is a far stretched vision, this way of access to the metaverse could replace physical hardware and has the potential to revolutionize the experience in the digital world by converging the real world to it.

Enter the metaverse through MGH

If you want to experience the Open Metaverse right now and be part of a community that governs and monetise its metaverse assets, the MetaGameHub DAO is the right choice for you.

By using MGH DAO’s tools you can navigate through the metaverse and get access to diverse digital assets in the metaverse. We at MGH are building a decentralized “country” in the Open Metaverse by acquiring, managing and developing LANDs and other Metaverse assets across various Metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland or Somnium Space. Our community governs and thus monetises via e.g. GameFi applications, event venues, art galleries and more.

MGH DAO is all about providing fair access to the open metaverse and its assets as well as building needed tools and a user-oriented infrastructure. Our focus at the moment lies primarily in 1) Metaverse Asset Management and 2) Metaverse development. Besides a profound metaverse experience, key for us at MGH DAO is decentralization which makes the users control their ownership and leverage their experience.

Be part of MGH DAO and help to build the metaverse and its ecosystem as open as possible with the community in charge , not central authorities or companies.




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