How to Use MGH’s New Valuation Interface 1.5 to Find undervalued Lands in the Metaverse

6 min readMay 16, 2022

Written by Robin Prock

If you never want to overpay for metaverse LANDs again…

Always want to know how much it’s really worth…

And eliminate gut feelings and panic selling for good…

Then you should listen carefully now:

Since last year, MGH’s unique LAND Valuation Interface has been life, allowing users to determine the fair value of Metaverse lands. For free.

The MGH valuation tool can currently value lands from both The Sandbox and Decentraland.

With Version 1.5 of the Land valuation tool, become an even better LAND investor with features like the floor price, daily volume, watchlist, portfolio tracker…

How to estimate the fair value of your LAND

One thing in advance:

If you want a simple video explanation (of the old features, not the new ones!), check out these short 58 seconds explainer video of MGH’s interface here:

Otherwise, I’ll show you step by step how you do it:

  • Get the Token ID or coordinates of your LAND. You get the Token ID just by clicking on “Details” in the description on OpenSea and copy it:
  • Click on “Search” and…

… you have the estimation of the current fair price of your metaverse LAND.

And that’s just in three simple steps.

Imagine if you had to determine this value for yourself? How long would that take?

But with the Valuation Interface, it’s as simple as ordering a burger at McDonald’s.

But as I said, this is only the first version!

These are the six new features:

Introducing the new Valuation Interface 1.5

1. The floor price tracker — always know how well you are doing compared to the market

The floor price is a particular metric the best NFT investors watch daily. It is the lowest price of a collection.

And it tells how strong the demand for that particular NFT project is.

With the improved interface, you can get the floor price of metaverse LAND collections directly:

Valuation Interface 1.5— Sandbox Floor Price Tracker

The advantage for you?

  • Instantly know if your LAND is exceptionally valuable or not compared to the overall collection.
  • “Feel” the market’s mood toward your metaverse LAND collection.
  • See what the cheapest LAND costs.

2. The volume tracker: how heavily traded is your collection?

Volume is the heartbeat of a collection.

When volume is high, LANDs are traded back and forth … and this often shows you one thing:

People want LAND!

By following the daily volume tracker, you can immediately determine how healthy the LAND market is.

Is LAND in high demand or not?

This way, you can reposition your portfolio if necessary.

But that was only the beginning!

Next, we have two new features for you that will not only let you watch coveted LANDs like Sherlock Holmes watches the traces of a murder case … but also lets you know how much the value of your entire LAND portfolio is estimated:

3. The portfolio tracker: always track your “LAND worth”

Be honest with yourself:

How often do you look at your portfolio if the crypto market goes up massively?

Twice? Five times? Ten times a day?

I know people who watch their portfolios almost more often than they breathe.

It’s just too exciting always to check how high your coins have risen in price … and you know what?

You can now experience the same breathtaking feeling with your LAND.

Just click on “Portfolio” in the new Valuation Interface 1.5, connect your wallet and immediately see how much your LAND is worth.

All your LANDs.

Whether in Decentraland or The Sandbox.

And free of charge.

So you can also react in time if the value of your LAND tanks — or rises enormously.

But it gets even better:

4. The watchlist: Spy on the hottest metaverse LANDs

Whether it’s stocks or cryptocurrencies … almost everyone has a watchlist.

A list of hot investments that investors follow — like 99 million Americans follow the Superbowl in front of their TVs.

And now, you can also create your personal LAND watchlist.

How do you do it?

  • Enter the Valuation Interface 1.5, click on “Watchlist” and connect your wallet.
  • Enter the Token ID or coordinates of your desired Land, press “Add Land,” and…

You have your first Land on your watchlist.

But this is still not all that we have prepared for you after several months of work:

5. The Twitter button: Share your excellent investments with your friends

Now you can instantly show your friends what an incredible Land investor you are.

And perhaps make them green from envy.

Because with just a click of a button…

…you can immediately tweet the hopefully high value of your Land.

This way, you not only impress your friends … but maybe gain new followers for being a successful Land investor everyone wants to follow.

6. Give us feedback … and maybe get a reward

Do you want me to tell you a secret?

A persistent rumour has been going around in MGH for a few weeks now.

We don’t know who is spreading it … we don’t know where it’s coming from.

Would you like to hear this bizarre rumor?


Here it is:

They say that if you give us feedback on our Valuation Interface — one click is enough! — your LAND could increase in value.

We have not tested it…

We don’t know if it’s true…

But why don’t you just try it out?

Just click on the red or green thumb (like on YouTube) and show us if you agree with the estimated fair value.

This way, you help us enormously to improve it — and you get even more accurate prices in the long term.

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