How to Use MGH’s New Valuation Interface 1.5 to Find undervalued Lands in the Metaverse

How to estimate the fair value of your LAND

One thing in advance:

  • Get the Token ID or coordinates of your LAND. You get the Token ID just by clicking on “Details” in the description on OpenSea and copy it:
  • Click on “Search” and…

Introducing the new Valuation Interface 1.5

1. The floor price tracker — always know how well you are doing compared to the market

The floor price is a particular metric the best NFT investors watch daily. It is the lowest price of a collection.

Valuation Interface 1.5— Sandbox Floor Price Tracker
  • Instantly know if your LAND is exceptionally valuable or not compared to the overall collection.
  • “Feel” the market’s mood toward your metaverse LAND collection.
  • See what the cheapest LAND costs.

2. The volume tracker: how heavily traded is your collection?

Volume is the heartbeat of a collection.

3. The portfolio tracker: always track your “LAND worth”

Be honest with yourself:

4. The watchlist: Spy on the hottest metaverse LANDs

Whether it’s stocks or cryptocurrencies … almost everyone has a watchlist.

  • Enter the Valuation Interface 1.5, click on “Watchlist” and connect your wallet.
  • Enter the Token ID or coordinates of your desired Land, press “Add Land,” and…

5. The Twitter button: Share your excellent investments with your friends

Now you can instantly show your friends what an incredible Land investor you are.

6. Give us feedback … and maybe get a reward

Do you want me to tell you a secret?

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