Learn How to Develop Blockchain Projects While Getting Paid — Apply Now For Our One-Year Internship Program

5 min readMar 29, 2022

Are you an undergraduate student and wish to develop blockchain projects? Do you want to network internationally and collaborate with experienced mentors and Web3 programmers? And do you want a full-time job in the vibrant and fast-growing blockchain industry?

Then apply now for a one-year internship program from MGH (MetaGameHub DAO), DAC, and ITRMachines (Intelligent Trading Machines).

The program is paid, half-time and if you complete it successfully, an offer for a full-time job awaits you at the end.

If you’re interested, learn now:

  1. In which two stages the 12 months internship will run.
  2. What unique benefits you can expect during the internship.
  3. Which qualifications you should have.
  4. And how to apply quickly and easily.

What can you expect during the 12 months of the internship?

Four months probation period — learn the basics of developing blockchain projects

How does the internship program begin?

In the first four months, you will learn the core skills on how to independently develop web apps and blockchain projects.

You will also get opportunities to dive deeper into AI applications or Web3 solutions — depending on where your interests lie.

What can you expect in the next eight months? That’s up to you. You can choose between two modules: Either you specialize in Web3 technologies or Data Science & AI.

Let’s start with the module for Web3 technologies:

1. Specialization Module: Web3 Edge — a deep dive into Web3 technologies

If you choose the “Web3 Edge,” you will acquire the skills on how to implement business-class APIs in NodeJS in the first four months.

In the following four months, you’ll then learn how to build, test, deploy, and update smart contracts.

Afterward, you can develop dApps and protocols for Web3 all by yourself. And you’ll be a programmer with in-demand skills in the rapidly growing blockchain industry.

For this module, there are 7 places available.

What awaits you in the other specialization module?

2. Specialization module: Data Science & AI — process data and deploy AI models

If you decide to take the Data Science & AI module, you’ll get the skills to process and interpret blockchain extracted data. You will accomplish this in the first four months.

In the other four months, you will learn how to develop and apply AI models.

For this second module, we have three available places.

If this sounds exciting to you and you want to be a sought-after Web3 developer, what advantages can we offer you?

What enriching benefits do you get from the internship program?

  • You will get a full-time job offer if you complete the one-year internship program successfully.
  • A dedicated mentor will guide you throughout the program, be there for you, and help you when you get stuck.
  • You will work alongside a great community of other trainees who all share the same goals and enthusiasm for blockchain and Web3.
  • You’ll have direct access to various Web3 and blockchain communities by contributing to various DAOs — be it for DeFi or the Open Metaverse.
  • You can adjust your workload to your study schedule and therefore avoid stress, pressure, or time constraints.
  • There will be “Ad Hoc coding competitions” where you will compete against other trainees for valuable MGH Token prizes.

That’s what we can offer you, but what skills should you bring to the table?

Who can apply for the internship program?

If you would like to apply for the internship program, you must meet these requirements:

  • You should be able to speak business English to navigate the international community.
  • You shouldn’t think in entrenched ways, but always out of the box.
  • You will graduate in 18 months or less.
  • You have mastered the basic knowledge in:
  1. Developing with Node.js.
  2. Developing data structures.
  3. Developing intelligent systems.

Do you meet these criteria? Are you ready to develop your own blockchain projects? And do you want to be a part of the fastest growing technology the world has ever seen — Blockchain and Web3?

Then apply this way:

How to apply for the internship program

Send us your CV and transcripts using this QR code (or use the e-mail address below):

Or send them to this email address: santiago.hernandez@itrmachines.com

What can you expect next? When we have reviewed your application, we will invite you to an online interview. Afterward, we will tell you whether you are accepted or not.

We are looking forward to your application!

Your team from MGH, DAC, and ITRMachines.

About MGH

At MGH we bring together DeFi, Data, and the Metaverse by following one core principle: “Navigating through the Open Metaverse together”. We accomplish this in four clearly defined steps:

  • DAO Governed LANDs: MGH DAO collaboratively acquires, populates, and monetizes LANDs and respective in-game assets.
  • Valuation Algorithm: Our Valuation Algorithm allows fair pricing for LANDs and will be gradually adopted to more metaverse assets.
  • Dataverse Tools: MGH DAO is developing intuitive data tools which can be leveraged by users and ecosystems alike.
  • Intuitive Metaverse d’Apps: Use MGH DAO’s tools to navigate through the Metaverse and leverage MetaFi.

About ITRMachines

Intelligent Trading Machines (ITRMachines) is an enabler of DeFi activity leveraging Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies to boost innovative business models within the DAO/Blockchain Space. ITRMachines also brings algorithmic trading as a service, developing and deploying tailor-made solutions.

About DAC

The DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Consulting) is a decentralized group of developers, creatives, and blockchain enthusiasts with the goal to empower everybody to generate value by building decentralized communities and contributing to others in a social and vibrant social space.

That’s why we offer people and organizations infrastructure, architecture, and advisory for the development of decentralized organizations (DAOs) and metaverse solutions, on an open, intuitive, and community-focused platform — the DAP. SPACE.




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