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4 min readAug 22, 2022

Written by Javan Sardarabady

The Open Metaverse is truly a unique concept. A collective virtual space where users engage with each other, play games, spend money and experience a broad range of social activities. Underlying the Open Metaverse is the blockchain technology and open-source codes, making it decentralized and transparent.

The base of the Open Metaverse lies in the community and the experience. Contrary to Web 2.0, the metaverse enables the unrestricted exchange of assets and values without having a centralized entity to control it. That implies that solely the users have the power over their data, ownership and in particular their experience.

Hence, we at MetaGameHub DAO are prioritizing the community and their experience. To address this, we are not only focusing on a single component of the metaverse, rather than that we are approaching the metaverse as a whole, implying a holistic approach to the metaverse and its ecosystem.

If you are interested in the holistic approach that we are taking to the metaverse and want to learn more about our tools, this article is the right choice for you to read.

MGH’s holistic approach

When the project was started in early 2021, the initial focus was collaborative ownership of metaverse assets, primarily LANDs. By trying to find fair-priced LANDs, we quickly realized the intransparency of LAND prices and shifted the focus to providing algorithmic valuation for virtual real-estate in the Metaverse.

As time passed, we realized that a sole focus on the price algorithm is just not enough. In order to provide the users with the most seamless Open Metaverse experience, we shifted our focus to a more holistic approach. Instead of focusing on single tools to develop, we are aiming to provide a more general usage through the project.

By developing an appropriate metaverse infrastructure and different tools, MGH DAO is building a hub for Open Metaverse experiences. The goal is to provide the community with a homebase while navigating through the Open Metaverse.

Since the development of the metaverse is still in the initial stages, there are countless possibilities and activities in the metaverse awaiting. As mentioned earlier, the users have the power over their experience. That means that the users not only can monetize this experience but are also able to create it. This so-called Creator Economy is crucial for the development of the metaverse since these creators, artists, gamers etc. are the ones to fill the metaverse with life.

Because of that, our approach at MGH is to engage the users to build the metaverse with us. We see ourselves as an aggregator for metaverse adoption by building and providing the necessary infrastructure and by engaging and enabling the community to develop and experience the Open Metaverse with us.

MGH’s Tools

The infrastructure and the applications developed by the DAO are aimed to provide a user-orientated approach and serve the community to experience the metaverse intuitively and smoothly.

Right now, these tools focus on Metaverse Asset Management and Metaverse Development. One tool for Metaverse Asset Management is for instance the LAND Valuation tool. With the LAND Valuation, you can estimate the fair value of metaverse assets, e.g., LANDs across different Metaverses like the Sandbox, Decentraland and Axie Infinity (more Metaverses will be supported soon!). By using this tool, it becomes easier to find undervalued LANDs across the metaverses. In addition, the raw data is provided in form of datasets on the Ocean Marketplace containing key stats about metaverse LANDs and of course the estimated fair value.

As stated above, metaverse development and experience is key for us at the MGH DAO. That is why we brought up the DCL Edit. It is the only visual scene editor for the Decentraland SDK, allowing you to build and code in parallel. If you are interested in editing scenes and building metaverse experiences, find more information here.

Want to learn more about our tools and our community? Don’t hesitate to check out our website and our social media channels. Come join us on our adventurous ride through the Open Metaverse and be part of a community that develops and experiences the metaverse together.




MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse