MetaGameHub DAO is partnering with EkoLance to foster Education in Blockchain

3 min readAug 29, 2022

The blockchain industry continues to grow and open new job opportunities. It is expected that Blockchain will enhance more than 40 million jobs worldwide by 2030, according to the “Time for Trust” report from PwC. In view of the importance that blockchain will take in the next years, professionals with an expertise in web3 will be in high demand.

With the growing demand for blockchain expertise it is crucial to provide the professionals with the required skills and competencies.

For this reason, MetaGameHub DAO is pushing the pace to foster education around blockchain and the metaverse. Together with EkoLance the goal is to teach people from all over the world the skills and tools that are required to pursue a career in blockchain.

About EkoLance

EkoLance is a web3 recruitment platform that helps people to start working in the blockchain space. EkoLance can be described as the gateway to web3 jobs. On the one hand, EkoLance offers training programmes for blockchain professions. Talents from all over the world can apply and then register for the according training. These training programmes are free and consist of various contents. There are for instance Content Creator Training, Solidity Developer Training or Blockchain Community Manager Training.

On the other hand, EkoLance is connecting these talents to potential employers around the world. After completing the training, the professionals get onboarded on the EkoLance job platform. They are then being connected to companies looking for blockchain experts. The professionals now have direct access to job opportunities and are able work in web3.

EkoLance is attaching great importance to diversity and inclusion. The vision is to bring female professionals and professionals from emerging countries to web3. EkoLance is providing education to talents who would otherwise not have the opportunity. By training them to gain competence and work experience, these talents are prepared to start working in the blockchain space.

Blockchain Content Creator Training on the 22nd of September 2022

In cooperation with MetaGameHub DAO EkoLance is launching a 6-week training for people seeking a career in the blockchain ecosystem as a content creator. The course starts at the 22nd of September and is free of charge.

The participants learn various technical and soft skills to be prepared for a job as a content creator in blockchain. The training consists for instance in how to create a content plan, how to write articles or which different tools to use for content creation. During the weekly assignments, the students will practice their newly developed skills. The training is held by industry experts with years of experience in web3 to have the most competent education possible.

If you are interested in learning about creating web3 content and want to become a blockchain content creator, you should apply for the training programme. Besides that, you´ll be part of a large blockchain community and have access to a network with other content creators. Applications are possible until the 18th of September.




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