MGH Grant Proposals

2 min readJan 18, 2022

Written by Lukas Philipp

MGH is organized as a DAO, where a group of individuals strive to collaboratively achieve a common goal, leveraging the Web3 ecoystem and its tools. So MGH is not, nor should it be, curated by a small group of people or governed by Web2 organizational structures. Decentralized governance is not perfect and there is a lot to improve, but, in favor of the environment where MGH operates, a DAO approach is extremely effective when it comes to leveraging collaborative intelligence, which is one of the main drivers of the Web3 ecosystem and also one of the reasons for the fast pace of innovation in the space.

As promising as it sounds, decentralization is a utopia. Nevertheless, it is our job to reduce the high degree of centralization of current organizational structures in favor of more transparency, efficiency and inclusion.

The MGH DAO is now at the stage where it is seeking to escape relatively centralized founding structures and give the community more power over the project. We are very happy to see more and more grant proposals being submitted on MGH’s Snapshot page. It is a major step towards decentralization and it gives our community members the opportunity to actively participate in the MGH ecosystem. In order to add a degree of standardization regarding grants (a cornerstone of our incentive structure), we mapped out a guide on how such proposals should be structured and what content should be included.

If you want to actively contribute to MGH’s DAO mission, do not hesitate to submit a proposal on Snapshot. Make sure your proposal states very clearly what your deliverables are as well as the problem(s) the deliverables solve. Here you will find the proposal structure and all the points your grant proposal should include (link).

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The MGH DAO strives to foster the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, and AI by combining utility, governance, and data within one holistic ecosystem. Through collaborative curation and fair pricing of NFTs, MGH is bringing more transparency and accessibility to the market by providing critical NFT infrastructure and creating a new layer of digital native value.

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MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse