MGH Partners With Big Data Protocol to Bring NFT Valuation Data to Institutional Investors

4 min readApr 8, 2022


Written by Robin Prock

Data is the most important digital commodity. Period. It leads to breakthroughs in medicine and technology — and places you ahead of your competition.

Yet, most data is siloed: big companies like Google or Meta have a monopoly on it.

But that’s exactly what pioneering data protocols like Big Data Protocol are changing by offering crucial data on a fair, decentralized marketplace.

That’s why MetaGameHub DAO is proud and honored to partner with Big Data Protocol (BDP).

Learn in this article:

  • How Big Data Protocol makes important data accessible
  • And how MGH and BDP will work together

About BDP: Making data accessible in a decentralized way

Big Data Protocol is a DeFi protocol that tokenizes commercially valuable data via data tokens and offers them through a decentralized marketplace.

This data comes from 19,590 professional data providers and is used by over 10,000 customers — mainly asset managers.

This is because BDP primarily provides key financial data that hedge funds, family offices, and institutional investors need to gain insights into the market and have an edge over their competition.

Furthermore, BDP has recently partnered with several Fortune 500 companies, that are either deploying or consuming products from BDP.

BDG’s experience and vast network come from Amass Insights — a data marketplace that has been serving institutional clients since 2015.

But how are data tokens traded? This happens, among other things, via the “Data Market” — a decentralized exchange for data. There you will find various data pools where you can swap the native $BDP token for data tokens.

Once you have a full data token, you can redeem it and use the valuable data for yourself. Moreover, you can provide liquidity to these pools to earn via transaction fees.

Thanks to these decentralized data pools, anyone can access, trade, and profit from valuable data.

And it’s such a data pool that MGH will use to make fair NFT Valuation Data available to institutional investors:

How MGH will establish its own Metaverse data pool

MGH has its own data pool, where we’re currently offering Valuation Data from Sandbox LAND for $BDP.

But this is just the beginning.

Our ambitious goal is to expand these datasets piece by piece with more Metaverses so that they become Metaverse agnostic.

Traders and investors should get fair prices and transparent forecasts from all Metaverses offering LAND. That’s how they get an informational edge in the tough Metaverse market.

But how do we get this valuable data?

In the description of the pool, it says:

“The data is taken from Etherscan and Opensea and is fed into a machine-learning algorithm that is trained to use past price movements and is retrained on a regular basis to keep the accuracy of the price predictions high. The core of the dataset is the aforementioned price predictions for each land that has enough trading history to compute a reasonable prediction.”

How can you access these datasets?

Our Data Pool on the Data Market
  1. Get the necessary number of $BDP tokens.
  2. Confirm the “Trade” terms and conditions.
  3. Enter the number of BDP you want to exchange.
  4. Confirm the transaction under “Approve & Swap”.
  5. Once you have a full data token, you’ll get permanently updated data for one year.

With the help of this data pool and the collaboration with BDP, we are not only achieving further democratization of data and making it accessible in a decentralized way.

It’s also a profitable source of revenue that we use, among other things, to repurchase and burn $MGH tokens. Thus, eventually, we achieve our goal of turning our precious $MGH into a deflationary token.

About BDG

Big Data Protocol is a DeFi protocol powering a Web3 data marketplace. The Protocol tokenizes commercially valuable data through a network of +20,000 professional data providers and makes the data token liquid on Uniswap. Users earn data by providing liquidity to data tokens.

The Protocol has a vast existing ecosystem of professional data providers by leveraging Amass Insights, founded in 2015 by our co-founders, Jordan Hauer and Mark Donovick. Amass Insights connects +20,000 commercial data providers with over 10,000 consumers of data, who are primarily investment managers.

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