MGH Partners With MetaRing to Give You Exclusive Experiences in the Metaverse

  • Who MetaRing is and what enormous advantages MetaRing offers you in the Metaverse.
  • What VIP perks MetaRing holders have in the MGH universe.

About MetaRing and your benefits as a MetaRing Holder

The MetaRing
  • Exclusive Metaverse Excess
  • In-Game Utility
  • Exclusive Drops
  • Mint Priority, Whitelisting
  • Special NFTs
  • Perks and Discount
  • Market Insights
  • MetaRing discord Community.

How the MetaRing will be your “VIP Pass” in the MGH universe

As a MetaRing holder, you get admission to the three important features of our universe: our Metaverse LAND, our Governance, and our unique Metaverse Tools.

  1. Get VIP status in our virtual LAND. This includes LANDs from The Sandbox, Decentraland, FLUF World, or the premium Snoop Dogg collection in The Sandbox. In these Metaverses, our dedicated Metaverse Development Group is currently developing immersive games, community hubs, and special locations — and you will have access to all.
  2. Exercise DAO voting rights: As a MetaRing owner you have membership status in our DAO and can participate in governance decisions — such as operations, asset management, or grants to the community. For example, you can vote on which Metaverse we should invest in next, where you automatically have access again.
  3. Get VIP access to MGH’s ingenious Metaverse tools, which are already live or still in development: including our LAND valuation tool, which gives you a fair and transparent price for your Metaverse LAND; as well as staking with $MGH tokens and NFTs; liquidity provision for a LAND trading bot and other apps focused on MetaFi, Data, ID, and Metaverse development like the DCL Editor, which saves developers in Decentraland tremendous time when programming games.

About Venly

Venly is a blockchain technology provider with over 1.5M end-users. It offers users of blockchain projects digital wallets to store assets with a native solution that also works on mobile devices.

About MetaGameHub DAO

At MGH DAO, it is all about building bridges within the open metaverse and building a holistic, user-focused ecosystem to foster the most intuitive path for the users.

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MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse