“Navigating Through the Open Metaverse Together” — The Most Astounding Insight from MGH’s AMA with Chainlink

What Is MGH and How Will It Lead More People into the Metaverse?

Like a bridge connecting two shores, MGH connects DeFi, data (the most important “commodity” in the 21st century!), and the Metaverse. The idea for the project came from two serious problems that have plagued the Open Metaverse so far:

  1. At the moment, mostly large, centralized parties “rule” over LAND in the metaverse — LAND as in The Sandbox, Decentraland…
  2. Unfortunately, people keep losing money with their Metaverse assets because of the lack of fair pricing and transparency…
  • We have created a “digital state” with its own LAND in the Open Metaverse — so far in The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Somnium Space (but we’re expanding, read more below). “Kings” of these LANDs are not us, but our community. Our community governs the LAND and decides how we monetize it: be it through venues, events, art galleries, and games. These games are — while you are reading these lines — developed in partnership with several universities. For example, the University of Aachen and Frankfurt.
6 LANDs MGH has bought in The Sandbox
  • Together with ITRM, we have developed a unique algorithm for Metaverse LAND. It prevents you from paying too much for your LAND by predicting a fair and transparent price. (Why don’t you try it out? Evaluate your LAND from The Sandbox and Decentraland in our d’app) This is our first tool to navigate users through the Open Metaverse… in addition, we also generate revenue with the NFT Valuation Data on the marketplaces of Chainlink and the Ocean DAO…

What Can You Expect from MGH in the Coming Weeks and Months?

Behind MGH is a free-spirited team whose “office” is the entire globe. So we combine not only different backgrounds, but above all many talents — talents that allow us to work, develop, research, and write on five different fronts at the same time:

1. Metaverse Strategy

  • We are satisfying our “LAND hunger” and will be expanding into more Metaverses — our next targets are FLUF World (where we already have 6 NFTs), Bloktopia (a VR Metaverse on Polygon), and Bit Country (a user-generated Metaverse).
MGH’s NFTs from FLUF
  • We will integrate entertainment into our LANDs — with experiences, games, meetups… our LAND in Somnium, Decentraland, and The Sandbox shall become a meeting point for our community, vibrating with life.
  • We will be hosting community events and META NFTs meetups (it’s time to shine for our own NFT collection).
  • We will finally bring our governance to the Metaverse — there you will be able to discuss and vote with us…

2. Tool strategy

  • We’ll be working hard to make sure you get even more accurate and transparent pricing with our NFT Valuation Tool… and of course, our tool will integrate more Metaverses.
The Valuation Tool of MGH
  • We are further developing our Valuation Interface by integrating slots for “more useful data and a subscription model for MGH Holders, which will be used to buy and burn MGH” — as our lead Blockchain Architect Phil Thomson says.
  • We are integrating our NFT Valuation into several marketplaces. We will also deliver a brand new editor to the Decentraland community that will make it even faster and easier for developers to build in Decentraland — without a background in coding!
  • Finally, we will launch the first NFT Pool (March 1st), with which you can not only stake your LAND for passive income; but especially small investors can profit from the upswing of virtual worlds in an uncomplicated and cheap way…

3. IP NFT Strategy

  • Inspired by Vita DAO, we want to give you as a member of our DAO true ownership of all our tools — by forging (like blacksmiths in their forgery) unique IP NFTs for our algorithms, datasets, and much, much more!…

4 Accelerating Growth of the Community

  • Of course, through more educational content that both deepens your knowledge and entertains you at the same time… we do this through podcasts, articles, videos — and most importantly, we have a LATAM Metaverse event planned and a Metaverse conference in Frankfurt…

5. Migration to other chains

  • We will be launching our own blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem — built with the Cosmos SDK — where our $MGH token will be the native token on the blockchain…

How Are MetaGameHub DAO and Chainlink Working Together?

Today, everything revolves around data like the earth revolves around the sun: better data means more effective companies, higher revenue, a more relaxed user experience.

  1. Our smart contracts are the heart and core of our business logic — they connect our d’app. There you send your request (how much is my land worth?), and the heart pumps it into the bloodstream:
  2. The bloodstream is the Chainlink Oracle. It transports your request from our d’app and routes it to the “limbs:”
  3. the external adapter. This adapter converts your request so that it can be processed by our Valuation Tool. Then the Valuation Tool sends the data back to the external adapter, further to the Chainlink Oracle (the bloodstream), and finally to the d’app (the heart), where you get a fair price for your LAND…

How Can You Stay up to Date and Keep in Touch with MGH?



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