Need a Loan on Your Sandbox LAND? — New Partnership Between Zharta and MGH Will Make That Possible

Who is Zharta? — Making Collateralized NFT Loans possible

How to Get a Loan on Your LAND — Easily

1. Get a Fair Price for Your Land via MGH’s NFT Algorithm

2. How to get Your NFT Valuation Data on-chain

3. An NFT Pool with Zharta

About MGH — Simplifying NFT Investing

  1. Illiquidity: It can take weeks for a seller to find a buyer. Through NFT Pool Tokens (NPTs), anyone can participate in the broad NFT market(from as little as $1) and sell the token at any time.
  2. No diversification: Only millionaires can diversify sustainably across high-quality NFTs. For most, diversification in the NFT market is prohibitively expensive. However, if you hold NPTs, you are automatically diversified across an entire NFT sector (like LANDs) and benefit from the huge upside.
  3. Intransparency: It is almost impossible to find a fair price for your NFT. The Data is scattered or completely missing, and the market is illiquid and emotional. The solution is our NFT Price Oracle, which determines the fair value of your NFT — using price data, sentiment data from social media, and machine learning.



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