Presenting an easy access to the metaverse and a way to stake your NFTs — MetaGameHub DAO.

  • Land is expensive, so diversification is nearly impossible — unless your pockets are deeper than the Mariana Trench.
  • Once you’ve acquired LAND, it sits unused in your wallet for the time being; you have to put time, energy and work into it for it to increase in value or pay you an income.
  • The market is opaque, pricing is spongy — so you have to rely mostly on hope if you want to sell your NFTs back at a higher price.

How MGH gives you unlimited access to the Metaverse

The sand swirled beneath their hooves.

  • Cost-effective: LAND can cost up to a million dollars, whereas with NPTs you can be in for as little as $1.
  • Diversification: LAND is a thick lump in your portfolio that will pull it down like concrete should it loses in value. NPTs, on the other hand, are like a basket of kiwis — if one goes bad, you’re left with a hundred others.
  • Liquidity: Sometimes it can take weeks to find a buyer or seller — and if you don’t find a buyer, you have to keep pushing the price until you do. NPTs, on the other hand, you sell in seconds on a decentralized exchange.

Till your land — how to earn passive income with NFTs

Settlers in the New World had it tough.

Visualization of the NPT structure
  1. Michiko has a valuable piece of LAND in “The Sandbox.” — Measuring 3x3, it is conveniently located next to Atari and is worth quite a bit due to the posh neighborhood. But Michiko doesn’t want to cultivate land, she wants to stake it:
  2. To do this, Michiko first stakes a certain number of MGH tokens (the governance token of MGH) until a certain threshold is reached. And they instantly make her a nice passive income.
  3. Now she chooses the share of her NFT she wants to stake (maximum ¼). This is the maximum collateralization-ratio, but she chooses 10 percent. In this value she will get NPTs paid out later.
  4. Now she sends her LAND to MGH’s price oracle; it sets a transparent price by evaluating past transactions from exchanges and data from social media; thereby reading investor sentiment, and analyzing the market. Thus, the oracle takes the guesswork and feelings out of NFT prices and each investor gets a “fair” price based on tangible data.
  5. Michiko agrees to the price — $10,000 in total — and gets paid out $1,000 dollars in NPTs — which was her collateralization-ratio of 10 percent. So this is the second way to mint NPTs. Yet she always retains ownership of her NFTs.
Visualization of the NPT minting process
  • She holds the NPTs and profits when they rise in price.
  • She exchanges the NPTs on a DEX for other cryptocurrencies and can stake or farm them in turn.
  • She puts her NPTs and MGH tokens into the liquidity pool, gets liquidity pool tokens, and can in turn stake them for more MGH tokens.

Where will MGH go? — You decide!

Please don’t call us and ask for the CEO — because we don’t have one. You also won’t find a board of directors, managers, supervisors…

  • how many network rewards should be distributed,
  • which NFT pools should be created,
  • how the MGH Treasury should be managed,
  • 10/14/2021 Start of Public Launch: We open our doors, step inside, don’t be shy! Now you can purchase valuable MGH tokens, through MGH own launch pools and external vendors.
  • Q4 2021 MGH Liquidity Pools on DEX: Trading begins! Purchase MGH tokens on UniSwap or SushiSwap now. Target date is October 28.
  • Q4 2021 — Q1 2022 The DAO goes live: now we put MGH in your hands! You get to vote, discuss, and submit proposals.
  • Q1 2022 — Q3 2022 NPTs Proof of Concept: the first NPT pool goes live and has to prove itself in the rough blockchain world.
  • Q3 2022 NFT Price Oracle: No more guessing, wondering and pondering how much your NFT might be worth — now you get a concrete price if you want to stake an NFT.
  • Q3 — Q4 2022 NFT Curation: I didn’t mention this yet, but MGH will hold own LAND in the metaverse — first on The Sandbox, later on other protocols as well. This LAND will be modernized and refined with stunning games by our partners like MyReality DAO, a vietnamese game developer. Again, the community will determine which LAND is purchased.
  • Q 4 2022 — Q3 2023 NFT Pools and respective NPTs: The community will decide which other NFT pools to follow. Maybe one for game weapons, armors and clothing… who knows?

Welcome to the new world: Your Benefits with MGH

MGH as a protocol will bring you the following benefits:

  • diversification: no more spending thousands of dollars to buy an NFT! With NPT Pools you are invested in hundreds of NFTs starting from 1 dollar — an MSCI World on NFTs.
  • liquidity: don’t waste time with auctions and wait for weeks for a buyer. You can buy and sell NPTs in seconds on a DEX.
  • passive income: Don’t bother cultivating your LAND to attract people! You can much faster earn passive income with MGH.
  • transparent prices: Don’t rely on courage, hope, despair and optimism when holding your NFT — our price oracle gives you a fairer price than a thousand gut feelings could.
  • saving time: don’t waste weeks searching forums, following artists, and reading blog articles just to find the next hot NFT collection… which might go back to zero. Save your time for the finer things in life and passively cover the NFT space with NPTs.



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MetaGameHub DAO

MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse