Presenting The DAC… your one-stop solution to successfully build, launch and scale your DAO

  1. No full life cycle support: Most DAOs fail due to limited resources — the launch succeeds, but midway through the journey they are running out of fuel.
  2. No standardization: Every DAO discovers its own America — and makes the same adventurous mistakes. There’s no blueprint for success everyone can follow with less risk.
  3. No intuitive user experience and user interface: Most DAOs build their infrastructure from scratch — with many costly mistakes, no seamless interaction, and a lot of “first aid” for the bugs.
  4. Limited role management: It’s difficult to delegate proper tasks to the right people.
  5. Limited treasury management: Any DAO can easily fail during a bear market when the share of stablecoins in the treasury is too low. That’s because operational expenses are denominated in fiat (or stablecoins) and so a DAO has to sell some of they native tokens for a cheap price to pay for operational expenses.
  6. Limited interoperability: It’s difficult to connect decentralized solutions — let alone connect them to “traditional” businesses. It’s like trying to fiddle in an Apple charging cable into a Huawei P40.

What Is The DAC And How Can It Successfully Build Your DAO?

Do you know what prefabricated houses are?

  • Full life cycle support: We accompany you from your first Twitter post to your hundred thousandth member.
  • Standardization and automation: Success is built on proven systems — with every DAO we assist, the system gets more reliable, time tested and user-friendly.
  • Intuitive user experience and user interface: With the DAP.SPACE (more on that later) we will deliver greater convenience right to the desktop or mobile phone of your users.
  • Flexible role management: Writers are going to write, salesman going to sale and developers going to develop — everyone gets the role, neatly tailored to their extraordinary abilities.
  • Sophisticated treasury management: Your tokens — whether governance, utility or security token — they are key component of your DAO. A balanced treasury and liqudity management is needed to increase longevity. We provide this knowledge and infrastructure for you.
  • Interoperability: Simplifies interacting with the platform, legacy and metaverse based businesses.
Selection of DAC & DAP Ecosystem (Network andMembers)

“Fostering intuitive DAO and metaverse adoption while building a global community of decentralized disruption by converging Web 3.0, DeFi, the metaverse and decentralized organizational structures.”

— The DAC Team

But, for simplicity’s sake, we will focus on the DAOs part; and that’s what’s already lurking behind the corner:

How Every DAOs Should Work — And How Your DAO’s Going To Run Smoothly On THEDAP.SPACE

DAOs are the future, how an organisation is structured. Period.

  1. In the center is your DAO — your stage for your idea, cause, or project. And on this stage your DAO members are standing in the limelight:
  2. Your DAO members contribute work, value and votes to your DAO, they breath life into it.
  3. This contribution can be tokenized (e.g. your governance token) and be sold on marketplaces to attract funds and capital to grow your DAO.
  4. On the other hand, they can provide intellectual property (like a staking pool for NFTs), that facilitators can access via royalties.
  5. Lastly, with all this amazing value in your DAO, you can interact with other entities by exchanging products, services, or intellectual property.
  1. The DAP.SPACE (your iOS for your DAO) as a strong fundament will provide you with the architecture, infrastructure, value, and a community to achieve your exciting goals and purpose.
  2. In turn, you bring your value, community and use case to the DAP.SPACE — there you can easily distribute value and intellectual property to marketplaces or facilitators to receive revenue to further expand your DAO.
  3. Meanwhile, the DAP.SPACE will gain value and IP through the DAP community (you and The DAC) and in turn the DAP.SPACE will give back to you value, IP and a passionate community

Who stands behind The DAC?

The vision of The DAC is like the force of gravity pulling like-minded people to its core:

The DAC: Your one-stop Life Cycle Support

DAOs suffer from six pain points, that make them scratch, yell and scream in the night:

  • No full life-cycle support.
  • No standardization.
  • No intuitive UI / UX.
  • Limited role management.
  • Limited treasury management.
  • Limited interoperability.



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