The Sandbox Gameplay Demystified — How You Can Earn, Play, and Create in This Exciting New Metaverse

“A game without a goal” — What is a sandbox game?

Remember when you were a kid on the playground?

  • An open-world: the map is not limited; you can explore it completely.
  • Non-linear story: You don’t follow the main campaign (or not only), but choose your quests, tasks, and missions, which often build on each other like a Jenga tower.
  • Focus on creativity: You can live out your whims — for example, in GTA: Either you follow the missions or take a short breather by chasing through the city. Pursued by sirens and blue lights.
  • You build, design, and create by (often) reshaping the world to your liking…

The Sandbox Gameplay: How does it feel to play The Sandbox?

Part of the Sandbox Map

The Sandbox gameplay for Creators

  • Build: Create your own worlds, scenes, and stories with the Game Maker (more on that below). You decide who can win the game, how to play, what to play. Only your imagination sets the limits.
  • Create: Forge and design your own ASSETs, with which you can either equip your games or sell them on the Marketplace. These ASSETs range from a comfortable sofa to a fire-breathing dragon.
  • Socialize: Hang out with your friends in your LAND or build a larger game with others that spans many LANDs (=ESTATE) — perhaps a carnival, an ancient city, Atlantis… As a Creator, you have unimaginable opportunities to live out your creativity with others…

The Sandbox gameplay for gamers

  • Explore: The Sandbox consists of 166,464 LANDs. 166,464 ways to explore different worlds. Be it the cursed swamp, the undead land of “The Walking Dead” or a stomach-churning roller coaster ride with “RollerCoaster Tycoon”…
  • Fight: In Adventure Mode you fight your way through a world — either as a classy swordsman or like in a first-person shooter (not yet included in the alpha).
  • Interact: In the Alpha Hub — the “meeting place” of the Alpha Pass — you could talk to other players, interact, or show off your moves on the dance floor.
  • Experience: Immerse yourself in exciting storylines that creators thread through their games…

How do you play the game? — enter the “Green Inferno” Quest

“Can you get through this untamed wilderness alive?”

This is how the description in the Alpha Hub greets you before you go through the blue portal and suddenly find yourself standing in a cave.

Screenshot from Sandbox YouTube

Play-To-Earn: How you can make money in the Sandbox

1000 $SAND tokens and 3 unique NFTs — the Alpha Gate, the Alpha Dragon, and the Alpha Sword…

Screenshot from Sandbox Medium Post
  • Gamer: You slay legendary monsters, complete a quest, or open a mysterious chest — it all depends on the world you play in. Of course, you can also win prizes in competitions or get a tip in $SAND as a live streamer.
  • Creator: You create ASSETs and sell them on the Marketplace or you design incredible Experiences — a magical cave, an enchanted castle, a zombie-like swamp — and take admission…

Creating in The Sandbox: The VoxEditor and the Game Maker

There’s something I didn’t tell you above.

  • Game Maker: is a free software that you can download to start designing games right away. You don’t need to be an experienced game designer. You don’t need to code. If you want to get started right now, here’s a tutorial from The Sandbox: The Game Maker Academy
Caption: Screenshot from The Sandbox
  • VoxEdit: Skeleton Warriors, Chestguard of the Great Oracle, Gym Woman Head — these are all ASSETs you can equip your game or avatar with. Be it with NPCs, equipment, artwork, or wearables — all stored as NFTs. How do you create these ASSETs? Via the VoxEdit — a voxel editing tool. The Sandbox shows you in their VoxEdit tutorial how to use ist…

Conclusion: What kind of gameplay does The Sandbox allow?

The Sandbox is an open world that you can freely explore. The variations of worlds are almost endless — from the world of The Walking Dead to the Smurfs.

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